Startups About Me

For the past ten years, I've been designing and building startups from the ground up.

Rallytap iOS

Spontaneous hangouts with friends

Rallytap is an app that lets you tap a button to see who's free to hang out. It's the fastest way to get together with friends.

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Janther landing page

Apartment hunting, automated

Just describe what you're looking for. Whenever a matching apartment gets posted online, Janther will set up a viewing appointment for you.

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SurpriseMe homepage

Surprise food delivery

Set your budget, number of people, and optional food preferences. SurpriseMe will surprise you with a delicious meal delivered to your doorstep.

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Coursepack homepage

On-demand learning platform

Coursepack is a community-powered collection of learning materials. Learn for free from the top educators around the world.

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