Startups About Me

What's up, world! I'm a software engineer, product designer, and startup junkie living in SF.

NYC Public Library
NYC Public Library in midtown Manhattan. My favorite place to work.

My Mission

My mission is to have as large a positive impact on the world as I can. Building technology is a powerful, scalable way I try to do that. I'm particularly excited about the potential of education technology, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence to improve people's lives.

My Story

In the summer after my 3rd year of university at McGill, I caught the startup bug. I was laying in bed thinking around 1 A.M. when a startup idea struck me. It possessed me. I was obsessed. For the rest of the summer, it was all I could think about. When I want back to school in the fall, it was still all I could think about. After discussing it with my family and friends, I decided to drop out of school to focus on my startup full-time.

View of McGill and Montreal from Mont Royal.
View of McGill and Montreal from Mont Royal. Where I took the leap.

For the next year, my startup was my life. I spent almost every waking minute reading startup advice, designing the product, and finding people to work with. Having never written a line of code in my life, I thought I'd partner with someone who could build the product while I did the rest.

I quickly learned that, with no technical friends, finding a solid tech co-founder is extraordinarily difficult. After many failed attempts to do so, I decided I would learn to code until I met my tech co-founder. It turned out... I actually really enjoy programming. So I went back to McGill to study computer science.

Since graduating, I've been building and designing web and mobile apps from scratch. I've also been helping small to mid-size companies build new features and scale. Now I'm excited to be part of a company where I can make a large positive impact on people's lives.